Deposit list now OPEN for 2023 puppies


Currently accepting 6 deposits for 2022! Don't miss out on your chance to own of our puppies. 
 Hey everyone welcome! 
Let me start off by saying; waiting for the perfect puppy to adopt is smarter and safer than just taking any pupoy because it's Christmas or you are bored from being home due to COVID or it's my kids bday or a number of other reasons. This is a decision to take very serious and the consequences of rushing or not choosing a responsible breeder can be ncrazy expensive in vets bills due to health issues but also emotionally devastating!

Take your time no matter what breed of pupoy you are choosing. Ask for vet reference to make sure you aren't getting scammed! Any breeder that cannot offer a vets reference that you can call is probably not where you want to get a puppy from. Follow up and call the vets office. The front desk at the vets office can telll you if they work with the breeder or not.  These are things you can due to protect yourself when looking fir a puppy! 

We are not a puppy factory that takes part in over breeding our momma dogs just to make a profit. We are very deliberate about our breedings and give our mommas rests and do not breed back to back.

You will not find that here!  We love our dogs to much! They our family sleep in our beds come to work with us! 

Average wait time to get a puppy from us is 6 months to a year and our families are happy to wait to get the right puppy. 

We glady accept deposits to get on our Deposit list. 
Prices start at 2500.00 all are puppies come home spayed and neutered 

Please read entire process. We want to make we answer all your questions and make sure you are ready for the commitment of a new baby.
First I want to say thank you for visiting! 

For those moving forward with their deposit ;
Congratulations and welcome to the Priceless Pups Family
If you get an error, please redo it right away the server sometimes times out. Res fresh your page and fill out again
Next you will be sending you the lifetime health warranty that you will need to fill out and mail in us.
Local families please make sure you read our visitation policy on our website.
We are also the proud owners of Tacoma Dog and Cat grooming please feel free to look us up on Yelp and find our more about us.
We make sure we protect if families my being a legal business both with our grooming shop Tacoma Dog and Cat grooming and Priceless pups. It’s actually against the law in Washington state to sell dogs or to breed dogs  and not be a legal business
Our life is full of “Fluff and Ruff” from sun up until sun down every day! We are so blessed and thank God our wonderful life daily giving Him all the glory.
A couple of things that are important for us to share with all families.
Shorkies are Shih Tzu Yorkie mix. Because of this the weight and size can very. Our average weight on puppies is 7 to 10 lbs. Some never make 7 lbs and Some go over 10 lbs.  Although we do our very best to match each family with the right size they are looking there is no way for us to guarantee the size your puppy will be. No breeder can. So it’s important that you realize this before moving forward. Our number 1 priority is health and temperament. We encourage anyone looking for a puppy to make this their priory too.  
Purebred shih tzu all come with the same warranty. We do not register our puppies so no parts come with shih tzus. But they do come spayed and or neutered and with our amazing warranty. We also provide you with health insurance for your fiat month.
Our shih tzu breedings usually produce puppies that are 11 to 12 lbs
Our Shih Tzu Maltese mix puppies are also 2500 and are 10 lb range as adults 

All our dogs are 100% in our home and raised as apart of the family. Our vets office is our number 1 reference.
Photo Policy.
This one we need to be very clear about. Pictures are a major job. Just to get 3 or 4 great photos we take about 50 or more of each puppy. It’s very time consuming and we want you to have good photos
While we do our best to update photos every couple of weeks often times it may vary between photos and may be a bit longer. As puppies age they do not always cooperate for photos they have a will of their own. I may be busy at my grooming shop or I may just have family things going on. So your patience is greatly appreciated. I am always so grateful for the positive feedback we get as you watch your puppy grow. We do not provide pictures upon request and we no longer do videos.
Waiting list for our Shorkie Puppies.
Anyone wanting to get on our VIPP LIST
(Very Important Puppy Parents) needs to follow the process outlined. It will walk you through the entire adoption process with Priceless Pups.
Fill out the adoption form ONLY IF YOU ARE READY TO MOVE FORWARD to send in a deposit or get on the Vipp List
If you get an error when filling it out just refresh your page and refill it out again right away sometimes the server times out. Sorry for repeating this but some people miss it above.
As many of our families will see when looking at our Shorkie puppies that they are often are all adopted before they are ever posted on our website this is because we have a waiting list for our Shorkie puppies that opens up for deposits on occasion. Our families that have sent in their deposits on a puppy get to pick their puppies first.
We accept Venmo payments or Paypal or if you are local
You can come meet me and bring cash!
If using PayPal we will need to send an invoice to your email and you can check our as a guest with your credit card. Paypal dies have a 3% fee added to your payment we do not accept personal checks
All deposits are non refundable so please make sure you want to be apart of our family and you are ready for the commitment a puppy takes.
The Price of Our Shorkie puppies
The price of our regular and standard color shorkies which include red , party colors, Black and Tan, solid black, brindle, gold and brown) SHORKIE puppies is 2500.00 spaying and neutering is included and mandatory! We will no longer allow pets to go home not fixed. . This price is  for the puppy only that does not include out of pocket cost for you to come and pick your puppy up.
Rare Merle colored Shorkies!
The cost of our Merle shorkies which can not be found anywhere else in the word that we are aware of is 3500.00 spay and neuter included This does not include the out pocket cost to pick up or have ya deliver the puppy to you.
Hand Delivery ( flying a puppy to you)  for puppies in the USA is 750.00. Plus an overnight stay at hotel by airport. 
Deposits to get on our VIPP LIST
We accept 1000.00 nonrefundable deposits to get on the Vipp list (VERY IMPORTANT PUPPY PARENTS). No one is added to our Vipp list unless we have received the 1000.00 deposit. Once we have received Your name is added to the list and you will move up the list as the people above you if any pick their new puppies. Your deposit never expires with us and you can keep your spot on the VIPP list until you pick your perfect puppy. Please remember your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. You will also be required to fill our health warranty and send it in. We do not negotiate our prices or our deposit requirements
Balance of 1500.00 is due when puppies are due at 6 weeks old if over 6 weeks’ old are also payment in full no exceptions. We will not hold a puppy without a deposit.
#1 Washington state Local families please read carefully or fir those flying into to pick up their puppy in Washington state
The cost of your puppy is 2500.00 which includes spay or neuter. You will be responsible for the 250.00 Washington state sales tax at time of pick up. Payment is to be in cash and we will give you the tax receipt.
You will get a reminder before picking up. No puppy can leave with out sales tax being paid.
We accept paypal with a 3% fee and Venmo which is free
Although many people question the cost of our puppies we are the only breeder that offers a full money back refund policy on every puppy and a lifetime health warranty. We are always available for the life of your puppy! We do accept credit cards via PayPal we would send you an invoice or you can use Venmo. We do not accept personal checks.
"The bitterness of buying a CHEAP and poor-quality puppy will linger long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten."
You can spend 400.00 on a new puppy and in a yr have over 3,000.00 in medical bills int the first year because you chose to purchase that Cheap shorkie puppy. No matter what breed you choose or what puppy you decide on cheap puppies are not always the bargain you think you are getting.
We have amazing references here on the site and we always encourage for you to join our facebook where you can talk to people all over the world that have puppies from us and get to know everyone. We are the largest Shorkie Community in the world and growing!
Please remember I started the shorkie breed here is the USA and the are my passion!!
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Shorkies are Great For Children

Say No To Puppy Mills

We get asked all the times are Shorkies good for children. The answer is Yes! Shorkies are are affectionate, friendly and trusting toward everyone and love children. But it is important parents supervise their children and teach them to be kind and gentle with a new puppy.


Say No To Puppy Mills

Shorkie puppies have become so popular that they are now showing up in Pet Stores Puppy Mills all over the USA. We get tons of calls from unsuspecting puppy parents that having health issues with the shorkie puppy they got from a puppy mill or pet store.

JUST SAY NO! do your research and find an ethical breeder!!!

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