Miracle Shorkie

Gracie Our Miracle Shorkie Girl! Read her story and watch her grow!!! We will be documenting her entire first year of life

This gives everyone the chance to watch a Shorkie Grow and really see how much we as a family are dedicated to each and every life we are responsible for bringing into this world.

I will always believe that sometimes God will allow things in our lives to happen that will  "GET OUR ATTENTION"

I think God sometimes just wants to hear from us .. He wants us to talk to Him and tell Him want we need and what we are going through. He wants a line of communication to open up with us so He can remind us How much He loves us and How much He cares for us. He also wants to remind us


All things are possible to him who believes – Mark 9:23.

I forget that sometimes. But on Sept 27 2011  God GOT MY ATTENTION and man o man has God  been hearing from me ever since! Not only has the Lord listened to me but he has HEARD my prayers and answered!

So if you are struggling with anything or feel like you have lost your hope.  This may just why you found our website.

Here is the Story of Our AMAZING GRACE! who has already touched the lives of so many people.

God has reminded me that He can use the littlest thing to get our attention too! Like my little Amazing Grace.

She has people talking to GOD again, She is giving people hope again.. She is showing people Miracles are still happening. What a testimony! And God is using her... A PUPPY.. can you imagine what a plan He has for your life.

So no matter where you are or what you are doing.. If you will take a moment and talk to God. Even if is just to ask him to keep on helping little Grace. He would love to hear from you.

Thank you Lord for this journey with Grace. It has strengthened me and taught me so much this far.

Stay tuned as we will be updating her story regularly and documenting her life.

God bless you my friends and a million and one hugs and puppy kisses sent your way.. xoxoxo Steffy

Grace is our Shorkie Girl who was born 9 days early and I was told she probably would not make it.

God said NOT SO!

Grace PART 1


Grace 13 days old Part 2

Make sure you watch this whole video... There is more after it says "night night Priceless Pups family" keep watching until video ends on its own.

You will see Gracie on her back attempting to role over. This is for her to build her strength and develop her muscles. Being that she was born a premee she is very under developed. She has no siblings to crawl over and under to help build muscles and she does not use her muscles  scoot around and find a nipple to latch on and nurse as she is totally fed by a bottle. Her moms milk has dried up. So at the advice of our vet we have to do a few exercises a couple times a day to build her strength.

Grace 19 days old Part 3

What a miracle it is to see Gracie growing day by day. In these videos of her nursing and pictures you will see why you can't deny that God is still performing miracles!

Grace part 4

Gracie is 1 month old!

Watch her first steps. She is still bottle feeding every 2 hours. Thank you Mamma "GOATS" for your milk. It is the best thing in the world for puppies. As you will see Gracie LOVES her bottle.

Gracie Part 5

Gracie at 5 weeks old

Wow to see her now is just a MIRACLE! God is so good! Hope you enjoy.

Gracie Part 6

Gracie at 6 weeks old

Gracie is ON THE MOVE .

She is still bottle feeding every 2 1/2 hours and we have introduced rice cereal into her milk.

Gracie Part 7

Gracie is 8 weeks old.

Sorry guys we missed the 7 week video... I was so sick I couldnt get it done.  But here she is at 8 weeks old!!! Enjoy !

Gracie part 8

10 weeks old

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