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"The bitterness of buying a CHEAP and poor-quality puppy will linger long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten."

You can spend 400.00 on a new puppy and in a yr have over 3,000.00 in medical bills because you chose to purchase that Cheap puppy

We are so confident in the health and temperament  of our Shorkie puppies that in the event one of our puppies should develop a genetic issue that is outlined in our warranty  (Heart Kidney Liver or Eyes)   we will  REFUND YOU THE COST OF THE PUPPY up to 5 yrs of age.   NO other website or breeders offer this. So please know as your breeder we are with you on this journey all the way!

This page is very long but is important  you understand what it takes to be a professional breeder and produce healthy happy puppies. Professional breeders are what every puppy parent should be looking for when searching for a puppy no matter what breed you are interested in.

Our Prices start and 1750.00 and go up from there. We also understand that not everyone can afford one of our puppies and that is why we have designed a Payment Plan option for families that want a happy healthy puppy.

We do not have "cheap" Shorkie puppies but feel our prices are more than reasonable for the extremely high quality of puppies we provide and everything that is included with our babies! The time energy and money we invest in our moms, dads, puppies is unimaginable. We do it to ensure you are getting a happy healthy well adjusted puppy that come from only the best of the best parents. It is literally a 24 hour around the clock job. But the one thing I can say is I am so thankful for my job and I love it. I cant imagine doing anything else.

Many people do not  understand what 1750.00 includes and why our prices seem so high.

It is simple you get what you pay for.

So let me break it down what you are paying for you so you get the full picture of what is included with your Priceless Pup.

We are so confident in the health and temperament  of our Shorkie puppies that in the event one of our puppies should develop a genetic issue that is outlined in our warranty  (Heart Kidney Liver or Eyes)   we will  REFUND YOU THE COST OF THE PUPPY up to 5 yrs of age.   NO other website or breeders offer this. So please know as your breeder we are with you on this journey all the way!


Our adults are not CHEAP DOGS!

Initial price we have personally paid for a  puppy of breeding quality ranges around $2500.00 to 4500.00 Yes you read it correctly. We have spent up to 4500.00 on a dog that we added to our family and breeding program . So we do of all people undertand you pay for Quality. But we are proud to be able to pass that quality on to our puppies and the families we service We do not just breed any Shih tzu to any Yorkie. Anyone can do that.

But if you look at our Shorkies compared to Shorkies found elsewhere it is their un-surpassing beauty that is  clear a indication that we have PERFECTED the right formula for producing those perfect baby doll faces and teddy bear coats over the last 23 yrs.


Vet costs and genetic testing

Our adults are all genetically tested to ensure you are getting a health y puppy. We do not leave that up to chance by throwing two dogs together and "HOPING" for the best out come

Genetic testing is done to determine if our moms and dads ( parents of the puppies )  are even worthy to be considered breeding quality. All our parents are Cerf Tested to ensure their eyes have been cleared by an optymologist( a regular vet cannot do this only the doggy eye docotr can) Our parents are all bile acid tested to ensure thier livers are all working correctly. Regular blood work can not tell you if your dog has liver issues. Only bile acid testing can and with the Yorkie being the number one dog in the world for liver issues don't you think it is a SMART idea to make sure your breeder is doing their testing. OFA to make sure that their physical structure is of breeding quality and this is done by X-rays. Genetic testing gets expensive, but is well worth the price of increasing the chances for the puppies to live a longer healthy active life and to make sure that our parents are indeed breeding quality. We leave nothing up to chance so you can be assured to the best of our ability you are getting a health y puppy. That is our commitment to our dog family .. the puppies they produce and you our puppy parents.We have had several puppies we purchased for our breeding program spayed and neutered because they were not the pass their testing which means they did not qualify to be bred. Then there is regular vet exams that all our adults and puppies receive. The cost of vet checks during and after pregnancies. Ultra sounds during pregnancy and c-sections if needed are over 2000.00 dollars. Breeding is not a cheap hobby if done correctly.


Our Guarantee to our families

We provide a LIFE TIME EXTENDED WARRANTY on each one of our puppies. It is very important that we breed healthy dogs to get healthy puppies. This is a huge commitment to the families we service. There is no way we could afford to be producing unhealthy puppies with the health warranty we have. Again this is a clear sign of our commitment to our families and the puppies we produce.


The Food we feed

The food we feed is not cheap and it has to be shipped to us. It is a completely holistic dog food as our dogs our get the very best. Our dogs are our children with fur and we make sure they eat healthy. The Nuvet vitamins we feed because we believe in them and want to know that although we are feeding the best dog food they are not missing out on any essential vitamins. Raising a healthy canine family is important and dogs just like human are what they eat. We spare no expense when it comes to their health.

#Vet care. Here is where we cut no corners. You can call our vets office 253 531 0454 and anyone up there about Stefanie Bailey and her puppies and dogs. All the vets know me personally and my dogs and they will tell you my dogs need for nothing and their health is of the utmost importance to me.



Our groomer is amazing and not only are my dogs groomed professionally ever 4 to 6 weeks but she also professionally grooms our puppies so they get used to being groomed before your puppy gets home to you. Grooming our dogs is very expensive but is something they deserve. Many breeders just strip their dogs down to the bare skin to cut out the expense of grooming. We don't . Our dogs enjoy a day at the beauty parlor and so the should!


We are Experts in getting your baby home to you safe 

We have deliver our pups if needed at 1500.00 per puppy it could be more depending on what airport and the travel time it takes. It's always cheaper for a family to fly in and pick their new puppy up at SeaTac in Seattle Washington 



Shots ,De-worming & a 15 point health check before coming home

Our puppies start shots at 28 days where most breeders don't get started on puppy shots until 8 weeks of age .  We worm with Panacur  at 2,  4, 6 , and 8  weeks of age for 5 days each treatment, which treats for round worm, hook worm ,whip worm  and guiardia!  Most breeders only use strangent T for round worm.  We treat 10 days as a preventative for coxxidiia before our babies leave as stress of a new home can bring it on. All puppies receive a full fecal prior to leaving.
We use revolution at 8 weeks and 12  weeks which prevents ear mites..  ..fleas .. mosquito's
Most breeders do not treat for anything at all. They may give puppies a bath but they are not protected against anything such as sarcoptic mange (a form of scabies) but our babies are.
Our puppies from day one are bottle fed once a day by me to ensure that there is a human bond not only a bond with the siblings and Mamma dog.  But to ensure they truly get hands on love from day one. We feed only 100 % holistic dog food. We do not take any short cuts. Our Dogs and puppies receive only the very best from the food the eat to the vet care they receive and the hands on love that they are raised with each day . To be honest no one has the references that you can contact personally that we do. All there email addresses are listed. When your puppy is ready to leave at around 11 to 12 weeks old a 15 point health check will be performed to ensure your puppy is healthy puppy/
We also have a fecal ran the day prior to your puppy leaving. This saves our puppy parents money on there end so they don't have to run a fecal.

Our puppies do not leave until 11 week to 12 weeks of age which means your puppy has already had the majority if its vaccines. So when your puppy arrives home it has a higher immunity against canine disease and you save money by less vet trips because we have already done most of the vaccines for you.  We do  not believe in sending under vaccinated puppies out into the world. We also do not believe in letting puppies go home prior to 11 to 12 weeks. It is our job to make sure they are socialized and made ready to go out in the world and at 8 and nine weeks of age they are just not ready to do so.


My 30 years plus experience in the shorkie breed and the Official Shorkie Guide. The only booke (written by me on the Shorkie breed)

Yes it is true this is where the Shorkie breed originated. I had no idea that it would be my legacy. 

Each and every one of our Priceless Pups family members know that we are here for a life time of support long after thier puppy arrives home. There are many things that come up in the life of a dog and we are here when and if you should ever need us.

We are always glad to share our expertise in the even you ever need us.


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Shorkies are Great For Children

Say No To Puppy Mills

We get asked all the times are Shorkies good for children. The answer is Yes! Shorkies are are affectionate, friendly and trusting toward everyone and love children. But it is important parents supervise their children and teach them to be kind and gentle with a new puppy.


Say No To Puppy Mills

Shorkie puppies have become so popular that they are now showing up in Pet Stores Puppy Mills all over the USA. We get tons of calls from unsuspecting puppy parents that having health issues with the shorkie puppy they got from a puppy mill or pet store.

JUST SAY NO! do your research and find an ethical breeder!!!