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We leave Nothing Up To Chance. Why Should You.? We are proud to protect our families every step of the Adoption process. Simply Put Priceless Pups is a name you can Trust in the breeding world.



Priceless Pups “Buyer Protection Plan” is our Signature! We leave nothing up to chance so why should you?

So you have visited some Shorkie websites that are similar to ours right? So what makes us so different? That is the is the question you want answered.

You will see many websites that have stolen our graphics and some that may look like ours and some have used our ideas but make no mistake about it

There is only One  Priceless Pups!

We you only want the best WE ARE HEAR TO ANSWER THE CALL

 The Priceless Pups family is championing the need for change in the USA when it comes to ethical breeding practices. It’s time for responsible breeders to take a stand and step out and away from breeders who are breeding without understanding what they are doing and/or are just out to make a quick buck. We are doing everything in our power to ensure we are breeding to better the Shorkie breed.

No one does more to protect the puppies we produce and the families we service. Being responsible is what we do. We leave nothing up to chance so why should you.??

We are so confident in the health and temperament  of our Shorkie puppies that we protect our clients every step of the way!

#1 5yr Money Back Guarantee/Life Time Health Warranty

#1 We offer you a “Money Back Guarantee” along with our “Lifetime Health Warranty”. We believe that is is our duty as your breeder to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing we are in this with you and we are always here to support you for the entire life of your dog. No other breeders offer to give you a refund! They make you take another puppy. We leave the choice up to you. So you know if we are willing to offer a full refund we have to be sure our puppies are healthy.

There is only 1 Priceless Pups!

#2 Shipping/Money back Guarantee 

  We guarantee The SAFE ARRIVAL of your puppy via United Airlines or your money back. We take full responsibility for your puppy until it is home safe and sound. If your puppy does not arrive to you safe and sound.. we will provide you with a full refund and another puppy and we will pay the shipping charges for the next puppy!
Yes you read it right. Not only will I issue a full refund  I will also give you another puppy free of charge and pay the shipping myself.
That is how confident we are with United  Airlines? Continental. They are the leading shippers and set the standard the PET SAFETY in the industry they are in.

We are asked all the time is Shipping Safe. My answer is YES! is you are using United airlines./Continental. I do not use other airlines often because they do not have the AWARD WINNING PET SAFE PROGRAM! Do your research on the airline your puppy is being shipped home on and you will find Untied is the SAFEST and ONLY WAY TO FLY!

We will not use American Airlines for any reason. On Occasion we will use Delta .

We are proud to be affiliated with and have applied for  Priceless Pups membership with them also!

United Airlines is a Member of the Animal Transportation Association.

We are proud to be affiliated with and have applied for membership with them also

 United Airlines is a Member of the International Pet & Animal Transportation Association

#3  Washington State Certified  Health Certificate/15 point Health Exam

Not only does my vet do a thorough 15 point health check on your puppy  but you will receive a Washington State  Certified Health Certificate stating your puppy is healthy.

Skin & Over All Body Wellness - Your puppies healthy skin is flexible and smooth, without scabs, growths, white flakes, or red areas. Hernias will be addressed if any are present on any puppy and our vet will speak to you personally.

Coat - Healthy coat, is glossy and pliable, without dandruff, bald spots, or excessive oiliness.

Eyes - Healthy eyes, bright and shiny. The pink lining of the eyelids are not inflamed, swollen, or have a yellow discharge. . The whites of the eyes are not yellowish. Eyelashes not rub the eyeball.

Ears - The skin inside ears is light pink and clean. There should be some yellow or brownish wax, but a large amount of wax or crust is abnormal. There is no redness or swelling inside the ear

Nose - A dog's nose is usually cool and moist. It can be black, pink, or self-colored (the same color as the coat), depending on the breed. No nasal discharge present at time of exam

Mouth- Teeth and Gums - gums are firm and pink.

Genitals - Check the puppy's genitals to ensure two testicles are present in males and there's no sign of discharge or infection in females.

Temperature - check temperature — 100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit is normal

Heartbeat and Pulse - A normal heart beats from 50 to 130 times a minute in a resting dog. Puppies and small breeds heart rates are higher dogs have faster speeds, and large dogs in top condition have slower heartbeats. Your puppies heart rhythm is normal. No low beats or murmur. Breathing is regular. Small breeds heart rates are higher in small dogs, and large dogs in top condition have slower heartbeats. Your puppies heart rhythm is normal. No low beats or murmur. Breathing is regular.

Elimination - Urine is clear yellow. Bowel movements are brown and firm.

Temperament Test - making sure puppy is not aggressive and is happy and well adjusted. Tail wagging and not fearful but curious to unexpected sounds

Weight - Puppies weight is normal for size. Stomach is not bloated or extended or hard.

Shots - Puppy is current on all vaccinations for its age. Puppies over 12 weeks of age will receive a rabies vaccine

Worming - All our babies are treated at 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks and 10 weeks with safeguard/pancur for all internal parasites. All our babies are given albon to reduce chances of Coxxidia an internal parasite that can be brought about during shipping.

External Parasites - Your puppy has been treated with Revolution to prevent fleas, and also is another internal de-wormer. Your vet may opt to change you over to what they recommend and use.

Proper Vaccinations De-wormings and  Current Fecal results from our Vet  

 #4 Fecal Testing /Vaccinations   De-worming

Are puppies are Protected against all 5 strains of the Parvo Virus. We use the highest titer vaccine that exits.

We guarantee that all puppies are Fully Vaccinated @ De-wormed for their age and have had FECAL TESTS preformed by our vet to check for PARASITES and have received full Vet Checks and receive a Health Certificate. You will receive all medical records for shots and de-worming and FECAL RESULTS! The primary purpose of fecal exams is to evaluate for the presence of intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms and whipworms, lung worms  parvo and other deadly canine parasites and diseases. Left untreated, these parasites can eventually lead to health problems such as overall poor appearance, weight loss, blood loss, coughing, diarrhea and even death.

We never let our puppies go home prior to 11 weeks of age to ensure they have been vaccinated and de-wormed! Like I always say.. We leave nothing up to chance

#5 Life Time Take Back Policy

In the event something should arise in your life where you could no longer care for you puppy or dog at any age

We offer a "LIFE TIME TAKE BACK" under our protection plan. We always have room to take back one of puppies for any reason at any age. Or we can also help you in re-homing process. We understand that things come up and circumstances we are not prepared for in life may come and we are always here for help and support! While we do not offer a refund of any sort there is always room for one of our babies to come back to us. In the event you are going to send a puppy or dog back to us you are responsible for all cost in getting the puppy or dog to us.

When you purchase puppy from us our Priceless Pups “Buyer Protection Plan” allows you to buy with confidence. We are committed to building long-term relationships with each of the families that we service and we want you to feel secure every step of the way.

#6 24 hour Puppy Counselor 7 days a week

Call me anytime! That is what I am here for.

Sometimes we all need someone to talk too!
That is what I am here for.
Getting a new puppy is a huge undertaking and the last thing you want to feel like is that you have been abandoned once you get your puppy home.
We cherish each relationship we have established and continue to nurture it with our Priceless Pups families long after our puppy arrives home. When people adopt a Priceless Pup, they know they have the my personal support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. . Despite the amount of Priceless Pups families all over the world growing in leaps and bounds and all the new potential clients that contact me I managed to establish a distinct identity that separates Priceless Pups from any other website or breeders on the internet today by getting to know each and everyone one a personal level.. WE ALWAYS TAKE TIME FOR YOU IN OUR DAY! Each and every family gets my attention when they need me. You will always here back from us within 24 hours. If you dont I did not get your message. Whether you are new to Priceless Pups or a repeat customer. We are here to answer all your questions and council you through this journey of adopting a new family member. Often when a puppy comes home that is when all the questions begin. CALL ME ANYTIME! that is what I am here for. My expertise is a gift that I love to share . Sometimes families just need to know they are doing things right and all that is needed is a little moral support. That is what I am here for.
We get so many calls from people that have bought a Shorkie elsewhere and then call us for help. My answer is always the same , Go back to the breeder you got your puppy from. They need to be held accountable for the the little lives they brought into the world.

#7  Free 3 yr Accident Coverage and Warranty!

Because we care!!!

In life there are no guarantees and accidents can come along and change everything as we know it in an instance. We understand and we are here to help.

Priceless Pups understands that accidents involving dogs and puppies occur and can sometimes end in tragedy and death loss of one of our furry friends. This great loss is emotionally draining for most. Our Priceless Pups Accident protection provides you will a little bit of relief and  has been designed to free some of  financial burden in getting another puppy when you are ready.

We will offer you a $500.00 in-house credit towards the purchase of another puppy in the event your puppy dies as a direct result from the accident. You will have one year from the time your dogs accident/passing to use this coverage. We will honor this accident from your puppies date of birth until his 3rd birthday only.

The only requirements to this is that you must be in full compliance with your warranty and have your dog on the Nu-vet Vitamins auto ship program. If for any reason you have canceled you are not covered under this courtesy warranty we extend to our families. Please ready our warranty to find out all the details to enforce this coverage. 

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Shorkies are Great For Children

Say No To Puppy Mills

We get asked all the times are Shorkies good for children. The answer is Yes! Shorkies are are affectionate, friendly and trusting toward everyone and love children. But it is important parents supervise their children and teach them to be kind and gentle with a new puppy.


Say No To Puppy Mills

Shorkie puppies have become so popular that they are now showing up in Pet Stores Puppy Mills all over the USA. We get tons of calls from unsuspecting puppy parents that having health issues with the shorkie puppy they got from a puppy mill or pet store.

JUST SAY NO! do your research and find an ethical breeder!!!