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Fecal Testing. What's the Scoop On The Poop?

We Explain Genetic Health Issues. We leave nothing up to chance ...so why should you??? That is the Priceless Pups Moto. We even test for PARVO!!!

A huge percentage  of breeders today do not perform any type of de-worming on their puppies and let them go home at 6 to 8 weeks of age completely infested with worms or are carriers of some type of parasite! Then on top of that they do not perform fecal exams or give you the results of a fecal from a vets office. You then take your puppy to the vet to find out he has PARASITES! Believe me there are quite a few that puppies can pick up.


All of our puppies the day before they leave us have a FRESH FECAL SAMPLE ran and tested by our vets office.

These FECAL TESTS are  preformed by our vet to check for PARASITES and  You will receive all medical records for shots and de-worming and FECAL RESULTS! The primary purpose of fecal exams is to evaluate for the presence of intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms and whipworms, parvo and other deadly canine parasites and diseases. Left untreated, these parasites can eventually lead to health problems such as overall poor appearance, weight loss, blood loss, coughing, diarrhea and even death.

So that is why we do all we can to the best of our ability to make sure your puppy is parasite free.

When your puppy arrives there will be a plastic pouch that is attached to the top of the carrier. It in will be your shot record folder that looks like photo below and it will have all your puppies shot records, and de-worming schedule. My information is also on their and we encourage each and every vet to call us if they have any questions.

All of your puppies medical info will be in here . You need to take this to your vet and your vet will take over from here.

A proper de-worming protocol, and up to date vaccinations are things you should do in order to give your pup the best chance of living a long and happy life. We understand how having a new puppy can be overwhelming and want you to be prepared.

We use Panacur as our regular de-worming protocol at 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks and 8 weeks. Best and safest de-wormer I have used.

Vaccinating is different from De-worming
and will do nothing to prevent parasites. Vaccinating protects against diseases, de-worming kills internal parasites that your dog/puppy has. And yes, no matter how sanitary your conditions, or where you live, your dog will have internal parasites, it is NOT a matter of cleanliness. So get that out of your mindset. Parasites really freak puppy parents out and sometimes vets do not explain to you how common they are in dogs and especially puppies. Some vets are in it for the money and use the scare TACTIC as a way of trying to get more and more money out of clients. So don't be scared be INFORMED!

Many breeders don’t want to talk about these topics because they seem to have a TABOO about them. We feel puppy parents need to have information. I promise you there is not a breeder in the world that does not come across one of these things in their puppies and dogs. It is common and there is no way to be 100% effective in preventing it in every puppy.

One week prior to your puppy coming home Ill send you about 7 pages of info on what to expect in the 1st year of your puppies life and parasites can be one of them.

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Shorkies are Great For Children

Say No To Puppy Mills

We get asked all the times are Shorkies good for children. The answer is Yes! Shorkies are are affectionate, friendly and trusting toward everyone and love children. But it is important parents supervise their children and teach them to be kind and gentle with a new puppy.


Say No To Puppy Mills

Shorkie puppies have become so popular that they are now showing up in Pet Stores Puppy Mills all over the USA. We get tons of calls from unsuspecting puppy parents that having health issues with the shorkie puppy they got from a puppy mill or pet store.

JUST SAY NO! do your research and find an ethical breeder!!!