Life Time Health Warranty

Life Time Health Warranty



Priceless Pups Puppy Purchase Agreement


Please sign everything and mail to


Alex Bailey 8645 Pacific Ave suite E


Tacoma wa 98444

Please before moving forward in adopting one of puppies take the time to Read the entire contract. Many people get so excited about adopting a puppy they just sign their name to it and don’t take the time to read it. The contract is here for everyone involved So please do not rush through it. This is a legal and binding contract you are entering into so please take your time. IT IS IMPORTANT YOU UNDERSTAND IT!


We are a legal business and have to follow the law including have our clients follow tax laws.

Washington state residents are subject to sales tax and for all families coming to Washington state of 10.1% this is due at the time your puppy is 6 weeks old and will be included in your final payment.


Standard Shorkie puppies colors and size price agreement

PLEASE SIGN HERE that you acknowledge you are responsible for the sale tax on the purchase price of 2500.00 and 250.00.00 payable in cash at time of pick up. This includes families flying or driving into Washington state. We are a legal business and there is no way for us to avoid sales tax when picking up in Washington State. Your sales tax is required by law in Washington state. Those who live in states exempt from sales tax have to provide a letter with name and address that you live in this state and a copy of your Id is required. The person who purchased the puppy must be the same person on the ID


Sign here _________________________________________________________


Merle Shorkie puppies color patterns and extreme tiny sizes price agreement  (it takes a lot of work to raise the extreme tiny puppies. We do not purposefully breed for them but do get the on occasion.)


PLEASE SIGN HERE that you acknowledge you are responsible for the sale tax on the purchase price of 3500.00 and 350.00.00 payable in cash at time of pick up. This includes families flying or driving into Washington state. We are a legal business and there is no way for us to avoid sales tax when picking up in Washington State. Your sales tax is required by law in Washington state. Those who live in states exempt from sales tax have to provide a letter with name and address that you live in this state and a copy of your Id is required. The person who purchased the puppy must be the same person on the ID


Sign here _________________________________________________________



All Canadian families must drive/fly in and meet us on the US side in Tacoma Washington or at Seattle International airport. We cannot deliver you puppy into Canada. Sales tax is required at time of pickup and you will also be responsible for duty when driving back into Canada. We do not know the cost of duty you must call the border crossing and ask them. All payment agreements above are for US funds and also apply to our Canadian families








Responsible Dog Owner’s Pledge


   I will be responsible for my dog’s health needs. These include: routine veterinary care including check-ups and vaccines. adequate nutrition through proper diet; clean water at all times daily exercise and regular bathing and grooming I will be responsible for my dog’s safety. I will properly control my dog by providing fencing where appropriate, not letting my dog run loose, and using a leash in public. I will ensure that my dog has some form of identification when appropriate (which may include collar tags I will provide adequate supervision when my dog and children are together. I will not allow my dog to infringe on the rights of others. I will not allow my dog to run loose in the neighborhood. I will not allow my dog to be a nuisance to others by barking while in the yard, in a hotel room, etc. I will pick up and properly dispose of my dog’s waste in all public areas such as on the grounds of hotels, on sidewalks, parks, etc. I will pick up and properly dispose of my dog’s waste in wilderness areas, on hiking trails, campgrounds and in off-leash parks. I will be responsible for my dog’s quality of life. I understand that basic training is beneficial to all dogs. If I have not owned a dog before or need a refresher course I will hire a professional trainer to advise me in all areas so I can raise a happy well-adjusted puppy. I will give my dog attention and playtime. I understand that owning a dog is a commitment to a LIFE that can depend on me for the next 20 yrs and that your commitment starts today. I will not resell give away or re-home this puppy but instead ownership reverts back to Alex and Steffy Bailey. I will be responsible for all cost incurred on returning the puppy back to them.


Initial here please you agree and understand X_______________________________




NO puppy comes with registration papers. Purebred Shih tzu or Shorkies. All puppies are sold as pets only and No papers come with papers so please do not ask. Your puppy comes with a health warranty that is far above and beyond what any other breeder offers. Shorkies are a mixed breed dog and not a purebred.


If you change your mind and do not want or cannot take your puppy for any reason under the sun, or if you do not show up to pick your puppy up in agreed upon date and time you forfeit your deposit and all monies paid to include payment in full. You will be sent a surrender form to fill out and return to us stating you cannot take the puppy and you understand you will forfeit all monies paid. The money is not transferable to another puppy. Please think before you pay and make sure you are ready for this commitment.


Initial here please you agree and understand



Once Your Puppy Arrives Home


 We strive for our puppies to be placed in a PERMANENT HOME! Our expectations are that you have done all your research and are 100% positive that you are ready for the commitment a puppy requires. If there is even 1% chance you are not ready for this commitment or you have any doubt STOP NOW! It is not fare to the puppy you are considering. This is something that requires a 100% commitment for you and is not to be taken lightly. Puppies are not STUFFED ANIMALS! They are living and breathing creatures with emotions. Being placed from home to home is never acceptable for one of our puppies. Once you purchase your puppy that is the puppy you will receive. Please be 100% certain this is the puppy you want and it requires a LIFETIME COMMITMENT. . If there ever comes a point in any of puppies lives no matter what age you must contact us and bring our puppy back to us. . If you ever need us to take one of dogs or puppies back, we do not resell them for you or offer any refunds for the puppy or dog. All dogs that are from priceless pups must be surrendered back to us. You will be required to sign a surrender form and get them back home to us.  Please know that this contract and warranty for health is nor transferable to any other party and does not go with the dog or puppy. This contract and warranty become null and void if the puppy or dog should ever transfer ownership from the original owner listed in this contract.




Initial here please you agree and understand X_________________________




Okay let’s get started on preparing for your puppies HOME COMING!


Please note that any PUPPY adopted from PRICELESS PUPS that is given TRIFEXIS from your vet will automatically void this warranty. Trifexis is an oral flea and tick medicine that has over 800 reports to the FDA causing seizures and liver damage and even death of pets. We have had several reports from our clients that after taking Trifexis the dogs had reactions. Some mild and some severe. So please let your vet know that you do not want this medicine for your puppy!



Please choose one of following three Options of getting your puppy and fill out the one you are choosing.





Hand delivery is difficult during the pandemic but is possible.





Cost of Hand delivery is 750.00 and the cost of a hotel room overnight stay. We will need a room by the the airport. This is our flight and the cost of the puppy to travel on the plane parking gas and our time


WE DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS for delivery dates so you will need to make arrangements to be available once we send you the schedule. We do not deliver to Hawaii or Florida. We can deliver to Houston for families in Florida that want to drive there. East coast deliveries at this time are on hold due to Covid 19.



 There are times where you may have to pick up from anairport a little further than the one you originally wanted and we go with the second pick. Again please understand we need to work together in the delivery of your puppy based on flights. The 750.00 is due at the time you pay your balance on your puppy.




Airport 1 choice . PLEASE WRITE AIRPORT 1 choice________________________________________________________




Airport 2 choice. PLEASE WRITE AIRPORT 2 choice_________________________________________________________




. ______________________________________________________


Please sign here that you acknowledge and understand the terms above for the delivery of your puppy and you have read, understand and agree to all the above statements




Yes I want my puppy hand delivered and this option cannot be changed,



Sign here ________________________________________________________




Option #2


Flying in and picking up your puppy personally? Or you all our Washington state families.


You can fly or drive to pick up my puppy. If flying in, please look at flights into Seattle Washington SEATAC AIRPORT/Seattle International. We are happy to meet you at time of the day or night and


on any day at the airport with everything you need to board the plane from our vet. You will need to provide your own airline carrier for the puppy. You will also be responsible to book the pet on the flight with you and pay the fee that the airline charges. Your 250.00  or 350.00 sales tax with be due in cash at time we meet you at the airport. We will have a receipt for your Washington states sales tax

 If you do not have it we will not release the puppy to you.


DO NOT BOOK ON UNITED AIRLINES! They required puppies to be 16 weeks old and our puppies go home at 12 weeks.

Sign here if you choose option that you have read, understand and agree to choice



#2 to come to Seattle and pick up your puppy or you are local and will be coming to pick up your puppy




Yes I will come and pick up my puppy at Seattle international airport once my puppy is 12 weeks old and I understand this option cannot be changed








Sign here______________________________________________________________



Spay and Neuter.

All puppies will be spayed and neutered prior to leaving us. We do not negotiate this.


Sign you understand your puppy will be spayed or neutered








From Birth to 5 yrs.


The first 5 yrs is define from the date the puppy arrives home to you until its 5th year birthday. For the first 5 yrs of the puppies life you are covered for Heart, Kidney, Lungs, Hips, Eyes ( Progressive Retinal Atrophy or Retinal dysplasia only),Hypothyroidism,Von Willebrand's Disease,Tracheal Collapse,Demodectic Mange, diabetes and cancer.




If anything should arise in above listed issues,


YOU WILL HAVE A CHOICE as to a refund (amount based on the age of the dog) or for an in-house credit towards another puppy. (the amount of the credit will be based on the age of the dog. Another puppy You can choose to receive an in house credit for the price of the puppy towards another puppy or secondly you can choose a partial cash refund!


For the inhouse credit you will be responsible to come and pick up the puppy when it is ready


 The amount of your refund will depend on your dog’s age. We are committed to our puppy parents as well as our puppies! No other website offers a REFUND of any sort!  You can look all over the internet and no where will you find that breeders are willing to give any type of refund. They make the choice for you and make you take another puppy! We want our puppy parents to have a choice.


 For warranty to be in effect It must prove and agreed upon my 2 licensed vets. The two vets will be My Vet and Your Vet must agree that the issue your puppy or dog is having Heart, Kidney, Hips, Lungs ,Eyes ( Progressive Retinal Atrophy or Retinal dysplasia only),Hypothyroidism,Von Willebrand's Disease,Tracheal Collapse,Demodectic Mange, diabetes and cancer. has been caused by a genetic defect or disease only that dates back to the fetal stage and was inherited from the parents. You have to provide a letter from the vet that states it is 100 % genetic in nature.




We require a letter from your vet that will state that the issue is 100% genetic. We do not reimburse shipping costs and or spay or neuter costs or any other costs you have incurred with your puppy or dog shots, deworming’s and or vet visits that were incurred by your puppy while in our care or your care. The



money refund for a puppy is $1500.00 up to 1st year of your pets life. $1200.00 up to second year of life, $900 up to 3rd year of life, and $600 up to 4th year of life and 300.00 up to 5th year of life

and we will provide you with the full refund of the entitled amount. The same goes should you choose  in-house credit towards another puppy of the same sex. Credit at up to 1st year of life is 1500.00 in house credit. up to 2nd year of life is 1200.00 in-house credit. Up to 3rd year of life is a 900.00 in-house credit and up to 4th year of life is $600.00 in

house credit. If you should choose an in-house credit you may at no time change your mind back to a refund so in the event an issue should arise please be very certain in your choice. If you should choose an in-house credit towards another puppy of the same sex and you will be responsible for the balance of the puppy. You also will be responsible for picking up your puppy.




From 5 to 10yrs of age


In the event of death due to " Heart, Kidney and Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA)


Dogs between the age of 5 to 10 receive a 500.00 in-house credit only. No other condition is covered in this part of the contract Priceless Pups shall issue an in-house credit in the amount of `500.00 towards the purchase of a replacement puppy from Priceless Pups only. No money refund will be given on dogs between the age of 5 to 10 yrs of age.  You will be responsible for the balance of a new puppy minus the 500.00 credit and a delivery fee of 375.00 or you can fly into pick you puppy up.




Sign here if you agree and understand this







" The First 12 weeks of the puppies’ life... Please understand that if we ever have to call and let you know a puppy is not able to be placed it is for everyone's benefit. I am not the type of breeder that is going to send home health issues to any family. If a puppy is ever born and has a birth defect or health issue that becomes apparent it is my responsibility as a breeder to take care of the puppy or find a special need home for it. Too often breeders today send home dogs with health issues that unsuspecting puppy parents end of having to deal with. We guarantee that won’t be the case with Priceless Pups. So please understand that we always have the best interest of the puppy and each and every Priceless Pups family in mind.  If this ever happens we DO NOT REFUND MONEY. You have the option of picking another puppy or waiting on the upcoming litters. Things happen in breeding on occasion it is the same with human life. It is my job to make sure the puppy you get is healthy.


Policy while puppy is in our care and an issue arises. No refunds but you will have to pick another puppy of if available or you can get on the waiting list for another puppy



Sign here if you understand and agree







Innocent Heart Murmurs in Puppies.




Innocent Heart Murmurs are not covered in this warranty.


If your puppy has an innocent heart murmur detected and documented by my vet


you will be notified and given the option of keeping your puppy, switching to another puppy or going back on the waiting list.


But no refunds will be given for innocent heart murmurs.


We would never make anyone take a puppy that is concerned and we do give you an option

Per the part of the contract that talks about "WHILE YOUR PUPPY IS WITH US THE FIRST 12 WEEKS OF ITS LIFE"


If a heart murmur is present from birth or develops shortly after birth, it will probably be detected by our veterinary.


An innocent flow murmur typically disappears by 4-5 months of age. If you choose to go back on the waiting list, you will be placed back in your


original place or order. You do not have to take a puppy with a heart murmur. We rarely have had heart murmurs but with any breed they can come up.




You agree and understand Sign here





Color and Size Of Your Puppy:

We cannot guarantee the disposition or temperament, conformation, size, weight, color, markings of your new puppy. We try to be as accurate as we can as as honest. BUT GOD IS IN CONTROL of these things not us. We can only give you an honest description


Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE but you can stay on the waiting list as long as you want.


Deposits for the waiting list is not a guarantee of when you will get a puppy. We keep everyone posted on our upcoming mating seasons and confirmed pregnancies. We cannot control the amount of puppies or the gender of the puppies we produce. The families that send in a deposit to us are ready to commit to the ADOPTION PROCESS and are choosing to be a part of the Priceless Pups Family.


YOU CLEARY UNDERSTAND WE CANNOT GUARANTEE COLOR OR SIZE or time frame of getting the puppy you want and that you will and that all deposits and money paid is are non-refundable


Signature required here____________________________________________________________________________



Courtesy 3 yr Accident coverage

 Priceless Pups Accident protection provides you will a little bit of relief and has been designed to free some of financial burden in getting another puppy if your puppy had died to to an accidental death. I know it sucks to talk about it but it can happen and has happened.  Definitions of accidental death coverage is not available for anything that involves routine or elective surgeries/and or anesthesia (examples teeth cleaning/pulling, spays and or neuters. In the event that your puppy or dog is deceased due to an accident we offer you a $500.00 in-house credit towards the purchase of another puppy. Your new puppy must be same sex and price and purchased with in the first year after from the date your dog’s accidental death. We will honor this accident coverage from your puppies’ date of birth until his 3rd birthday only. The only requirements to this is that you must be in full compliance with your warranty and had your dog on the Nuvet Vitamins auto ship program as required by this contract and we must have verification from your vet faxed to my vet. . If for any reason you have canceled you are not covered under this courtesy accident warranty, we extend to our families. All vet records and reports must be sent to our vet’s office for review and full documentation of the accident must be in the report by the vet clearly stating the puppy/dog died as a result of the accident or had to be put down as a result of the accident. All vet records also must clearly state your dog was up to date on all vaccines and in good condition prior to the accident. No puppy coverage will be offered if you do not have a vet report with the entire dog’s history to include the accident. We do not offer any refunds or money for the 5 to 10 yr part of the warranty. We only offer and in-house credit of 500.00 towards a new puppy and it must be redeemed with in the first year from the date of your pets accident. Only puppies/dogs that have been purchased at Priceless Pups are covered and only dogs or puppies that have passed due to the accident, will the coverage be given.




Signature Required Here if you understand and agree




*Hypoglycemia* If you are going to become a toy dog owner you will want to familiarize yourself to the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is often seen in young toy puppies, and most of the time the symptoms can be controlled by eating, or by giving some glucose such as honey water to the puppy. Glucose is what the body uses as fuel and is necessary for the brain tissue and muscles to function. Hypoglycemia is when the blood sugar levels (glucose) fall well below normal. It can cause your puppy to become confused, disoriented, drowsy, have the shivers, stagger about, collapse, fall into a coma, or have seizures. Episodes of hypoglycemia often occur without warning. A puppy may be stressed by shipping, or a missed meal, being chilled, or even exhaustion from too much play. Because of their tiny size toy puppies cannot eat a lot at one time, and literally run out of fuel quickly. Puppies should be fed several times a day a high quality diet. Most puppies will outgrow the problem. Some very tiny dogs will continue to have bouts of hypoglycemia throughout their life. If your puppy experiences episodes of hypoglycemia it is important to restore the blood levels of glucose as quickly as possible. Typical symptoms: weakness listlessness depression staggering gait tremors If your puppy is conscious, give him/her a little White Karo Syrup, or Honey under its tongue, or rubbed on its gums. Do NOT pour into the mouth as the puppy could easily choke. You can also mix honey, or corn syrup with pedialite, stir to dissolve, and dribble it into the puppy's mouth. Nutrical also works extremely well in an emergency. The puppy should begin to improve within about ten minutes, if not contact your vet as quickly as you can. NOTE: BREEDER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HYPOGLYCEMIA and no refunds or in-house credits will be offered for it. This is one of the reasons we keep our puppies longer than most breeders and make sure they are eating well on their own prior to sending them home to you




Mandatory Spay and Neuter

Spay and neuter is included in the price of your puppy and is mandatory no puppy leaves our care not spayed or neutered



Once Your Puppy is Home With You.

There are certain disorders and issues that can arise that may be caused by environmental factors, and cannot be controlled nor can the breeder be held responsible for under any circumstances. All and any medical or any financial issues incurred by the said puppy in this contract are the sole responsibility of the new owner from the date the puppy is in your care. There are no exceptions to this for any reason. Priceless Pups is not responsible for any vet or medical bills or financial bills that are incurred by the said puppy. from the date the said puppy is in the care of its new owner. :IE: Cherry eye is not an actual eye disease and is not covered in this contract. It is gland issue and can caused by injury. Hypoglycemia, allergies, common puppy cold, kennel cough, giardia, coccidia, or any other puppy diseases not mentioned are not covered by this warranty and are not grounds for dispute. All Puppies are at risk for Coccidia and Giardia which is often brought on by the stress of changing to a new home, new food, new people, change of climate or surroundings. etc. Puppies seem more prone to have bouts with Coccidia or Giardia and kennel cough than adults. Vets will use this as a huge money making opportunity. It is a very inexpensive treatment and they do not tell you that! So please call us if your puppy ever should have any diareah. We will tell you where to buy the meds to treat it.  We will guide you through it and help. Another thing that may show up in a puppy is Kennel Cough (Bordatella-a raspy cough or like they are trying to cough up a fur ball like a cat) which is common in puppies and is usually caused by bacteria like the comon cold. Kennel cough is self-limiting and like the common cold, it must run its course. BUT!!! you need to ask your vet for Zithromax. Clavamox does not treat Kennel cough well enough or quick enough. Please know these are the 3 biggest issues in puppies and dogs worldwide. All our puppies are treated for Coccidiosis, Giardia before they leave us as a PREVENTIVE MEASURE but a second treatment may be needed. However, you need to be aware that these things can arise and that they are not serious and are easily treated. It is the sole responsibility of the new puppy owner to treat the puppy for all and any medical conditions that arise from the date the said puppy is in the care of the new owner and thereafter. " Heart, Kidney, Hips, Eyes ( Progressive Retinal Atrophy or Retinal dysplasia only) Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease, Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA), Hypothyroidism, Von Willebrand's Disease,Tracheal Collapse,Demodectic Mange, Cancer and Diabetes is what this contract covers.




Sign here if you understand and agree X___________________________________________





Nuvet Vitamins      1-800-474-7044. Your order code is #70321


Our Health Warranty is a commitment from us personally to all of our families and how in-depth our health warranty is that covers each and everyone one of the puppies we produce, this is the only way can ensure that our puppies and dogs are getting everything they need in nutrition. It is much like the warranty of a car. If you do not get the oil changed every 3000 miles you dont have a warranty. It is required most of the time, The Nuvet vitamins helps our dogs and puppies keep their little motors running and engines clean. After extensive research with different types of vitamins we have decided the NuVet is the best vitamin supplement choice for all our puppies and adult dogs. With the daily use of these vitamins and yearly vet visits for proper vaccinations, your puppy will live a much healthier and longer lifestyle. We are so serious about this vitamin regimen that we have now added it to all our health guarantees. All vitamins must be ordered prior to your puppy being shipped home. we require that all Priceless Pups dogs be kept on “NuVet Plus Canine.” This nutritional supplement is only available through breeder recommendation. You are expected to have this on hand before your puppy gets home. The order line phone number is: 1-800-474-7044. Your order code is #70321 the order line hours are 8am-6pm Pacific time. NuVet Labs sends us a monthly report on which puppies from Priceless Pups are being supplemented with NuVet Plus Canine. NOTE: ALL HEALTH guarantees will be considered null and void if you do not keep your pet on this supplement for the entire 5 yrs. . No exceptions will be made. This is to ensure that Priceless puppies are receiving every advantage possible to ensure a healthy life. You will need to sign up for AUTO SHIP! This is to ensure your Priceless puppy is receiving his or her vitamins regularly. You also will save 15% on your cost. Sign here if you have read and understand the health warranty will be null and void if you do not keep your pet on the Vitamins via Auto Ship for the entire 5 yrs. Vitamins must be ordered on Auto ship! We get a monthly print out to make sure who keeps the puppies on the vitamins. If you cancel your auto ship at any time your warranty will be filed as null and void. IF YOU CANCEL YOUR AUTO SHIP YOUR CONTRACT IS VOID. This is important to remember No dog will be warranted that has not been on his or her vitamins.






Sign here if you understand and agree X _____________________________________________






PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!! Photo Info and Policy!


Hi everyone. While we do our best to update photos every couple of weeks often times it may vary between photos and may be a bit longer. As puppies age they do not always cooperate for photos or I may have family things to do. I know I am the Shorkie Queen ..LOL! but please remember I am also a mother and have a family that needs me too. So your patience is greatly appreciated. I am always so grateful for the positive feedback we get as you watch your puppy grow. WE DO NOT DO PICTURES UPON REQUEST!!! We do not provide videos







Signature Required Here _____________________________________________




This contract supersedes any and all previous agreements. This contract is nontransferable and is with the original owner only and may not be passed on to new owner ship, If the dog changes ownership the contract is filed as null and void and the said dog is no longer under warranty by priceless pups








Non Refundable Deposits are 1000.00 on current available puppies and the balances are due once your the puppy you choose is 6 weeks old. Non Refundable Deposits to get on our waiting list is 1000.00 and you will be put on the list in the number and your order your deposit was received. If you are choosing a puppy older than 6 weeks of age it is payment in full. We do not guarantee when we will have puppies and we do not over breed our Moms for any reason. We keep everyone on our VIP list informed as to when breedings are taking place.
















Zip Code_________________________________________________________________




Airport name 1st choice_____________________________________ if you are needing delivery




Airport name 2nd Choice_______________________________________if you are needing delivery




Phone Number_______________________________________________________




Signature Required Here I clearly understand and agree to all terms in the above Priceless Pups contract




Signature X________________________________________________________________




Date signedX_____________________________________________________




No puppy shall be rehomed for any reason and Priceless pups will always be willing to take our puppies or dogs back. We refuse to allow our puppies or dogs to be passed around. Please make sure you are ready for a lifetime commitment.










All Puppies will go Home with Health Insurance. There is no way any breeder can cover everything but there is away that puppy parents can protect themselves in the future.!




We send you home with a 30 day Free trial of the Pet Insurance we think is the best. We do not work for them or recieve any type of kick back from them. We have simply done our research and think they are pretty good. We have registered with them so that all of our puppies can now go home with a 30 day free trial you will need to activate your account within 24 hours of your puppy coming home. It is that simple and from there if you like it you can get on a plan that fits you! Pretty simple all the way arouund.


 Payment options we accept


Paypal friends and family only





Cash you can come and meet us at our grooming shop and drop it off.






Why Get Pet Health Insurance for Shorkie? Its the question we get all the time!




Pet insurance helps provide peace of mind in case the unfortunate should happen. Although I do my very best to protect you in our warranty there are things that are not covered that can happen. Its purpose is to help cover the costs of unexpected accidents and illnesses that may occur in the future. This means that the ideal time to insure your pet is as early as possible so that anything that happens in the future will be covered. So we send them home with pet insurance and its your job to keep it up.




As we all know things can happen in life and this is a great way to know you are protected should they arise.


You will have 24 hours to activate your pet insurance from the date you pick your puppy up.

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We get asked all the times are Shorkies good for children. The answer is Yes! Shorkies are are affectionate, friendly and trusting toward everyone and love children. But it is important parents supervise their children and teach them to be kind and gentle with a new puppy.


Say No To Puppy Mills

Shorkie puppies have become so popular that they are now showing up in Pet Stores Puppy Mills all over the USA. We get tons of calls from unsuspecting puppy parents that having health issues with the shorkie puppy they got from a puppy mill or pet store.

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