All our puppies PRIOR TO LEAVING have a fecal test done and the SNAP test done that checks for Parvo! We leave nothing up to chance so shy should you?

What Parvo is:
First we need to know that Parvo itself does not kill the dogs and pups, they die from secondary infections caused by the damage the parvo does. Parvo is a virus and the only way to protect your puppy is by vaccinations

Keeping your puppy safe. !

Guidelines for young puppies until 17 weeks of age:

  1. Do not take the puppy to the front yard, park, for a walk around the block, or to pet stores. These are all places where potentially infected dogs with diseases have been or presently are. Your own back yard is fine. Do not let your puppy run around or buddy up with other dogs or puppies at the vets office when you are in for a check up or visit.
  2. Only have the puppy around adult dogs that YOU KNOW are current on vaccinations. There should be no contact with stray dogs or dogs that you are not sure of.
  3. Do not let the puppy be exposed to any other puppies. These pups could be incubating the disease (and therefore be contagious) without showing signs of illness.
  4. Always wash your hands after handling any dog.
  5. No shoes in the house. Require all visitors and yourself to remove shoes when coming in.

Parvo is a virus that is carried in the stools of almost all canine species. Dogs can get Parvo from licking their paws, cleaning their fur, licking the hands or shoes of someone who has walked through the virus. It can be transmitted very innocently without even knowing it. basically the Parvo can enter the dog through the dogs mouth from almost any source the dogs mouth comes in contact with.


Parvo enters the dog through the dogs mouth, it then enters the blood stream and starts to destroy the dogs white blood cells. This compromises the dogs immune system and ability to fight off infection. It then goes to the dogs intestines and destroys the Villi or the little hairs that trap nutrients for the body. Once this is done the intestinal linings get inflamed and sluff away, When the intestinal lining gets thin, the dogs body can become septic because any food or fluids the dog ingests then goes into the system causing infection and dehydration. The dogs then die of the secondary infections caused by the damage done to the intestines.

We Use Neo par! The worlds highest titer vaccine for parvo and build high immunity in your puppy PRIOR to them come home.

Your puppies will have received a Neo par shot and 28 days of age, 38 days and 48 days,

Then at 6 weeks are regular 5 way vaccine and again at 9 weeks and again at 12 weeks of age if your puppy is still her at 12 weeks we will do their rabies shot as well if they are big enough

By the time our puppies come home they are almost fully vaccinated which gives great peace of mind to the families that adopt our puppies.

Making sure a puppy has a strong immunity to these deadly viruses is something we try to educate puppy parents and breeders about. This can only happen if a puppy is vaccinated with the appropriate vaccines.

This comparison came from Here is the link to get Neopar this is where I get it, NEOPAR

CPV Vaccine Titer per Dose Comparison

NEOPAR® (NEOTECH, LLC) Average serial 3,162,278/dose
(Pfizer) serial 183615090, Exp: 10/10/00
(Intervet) serial 4019001, Exp: 8/1/00
Duramune KF-11
(Ft.Dodge) serial 1481474A, Exp: 4/1/01
Duramune Max PV (2b)
(Ft.Dodge) serial 1211008, Exp: 5/22/00

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