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Shorkie Puppies At There Best!

Common Question we are Asked,

1) Question: - I'm just curious why there is such a big difference in price with your  Shorkie puppies and other shih tuzu mixed puppies that we find on the internet.  Your prices are the highest we have found?

Answer:- Great question!!! First off No one to date has the experience in matching shorkie puppies  and people designer puppies like we do!

Quality is not expensive.... Its Priceless!!!!!


That is a huge commitment from us to each and every puppy and puppy parents adopting through Priceless Pups!

As far as our prices ,  we include shipping anywhere in Canada or the USA  in our prices and we give a 5 year health warranty. We also  have expertise in Shorkies that wont be found elsewhere as we started the breed 19 years ago.   Our Shorkies are not accidents. All our dogs and puppies are family members.. NO KENNELS here!

Each and every family canine member is proven to be genetically sound prior to ever being bred. The cost for all the testing we do ads up to thousands of dollars on the adults we breed so we do our very best not to pass on any genetic problems to our new families adopting our puppies. We spent thousands of dollars alone haveing the Shorkie Club Of America registry built so that we would have a foundation for the Shorkie breed to begin and a way to keep account of accurate lineage of each Shorkie breeding and record of the health of the puppies and the adults.

Simply put you are getting what we believe to be the very best top quality shorkie that can be found and our puppy parents will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
2) Question:- Can I change the pups name from the name you had them listed with?

Answer:- Yes, you can name your new pup to what ever you want. Just let us know the name you choose and we will be glad to call your puppy by name.
3) Question- When I have my pup shipped to me at my airport, where do I pick them up at?

Answer:- Call  the number we will give you when you get your flight confirmation from us.   Ask them where you would go to wait for your new pups arrival. They will tell you where to pick at your airport and give you proper directions
4) Question:- I like a certain look on some of the shorkies and certain color or markings . How do I get one like I want?

Answer-  One of the great advantages of getting a shorkie puppy or other shih tzu mix or designer puppy  from Priceless Pups is we offer so many photos of past pups and adult shorkies and know our breedings. We are excellent in matching you with the right puppy and again our puppy parents will attest to that. So fill out an adoption form and tell us all about what it is you are looking for and we will follow up with a phone call so I can get to know you and match you with the right puppy. Having the right puppy is as important to the new puppy as it is to you . We strive to make that 4 ever match take place and we have yet to be wrong.  
5) Question:- I only want a Shorkie for a pet to love and cant afford your high prices.

Answer:- We do not lower our prices to compete with other breeders that may sell their Shorkies at discount prices.  But we also recognize that not everyone can afford one of our babies.  On occasion we are able to offer a baby at a discount given certain circumstances. So do not be afraid to ask us if we can help.  We personally may not have a Shorkie available.. but perhaps another breeder of ours may have a baby that is need of a home or a mom that is getting ready to retire. Any of our Moms that are retired are spayed prior to ever leaving and place in loving pets homes where they can be spoiled rotten and live like a queen of the castle. Also if one of our furry family members does not pass all the genetic testing requirements that make the dog BREEDING quality will spay and or neuter and place the dog in a forever pet home.  If all your are looking for is a furry family member we may be able to help.!!!!!
6) Question:- How do you estimate a pups future weight?

Answer:-Shorkie puppies can be as big as their parents or even great grand parents. When a breeder has puppies they need to know how big the whole 5 generation behind the parents are in order to give you a correct size for their puppy. Just because a Shih tzu mom is only 7lbs, and their yorkie dad is 3 lbs dose NOT mean their shorkie puppies will be 3-7lbs..
There is always a chance a puppy could take after their great grandma, just like in humans. Remember the akc standard for a Yorkie is 3-7lbs and the Shih Tzu is 9-16 lbs.

 Most breeders do NOT guarantee size of a puppy. If you have a breed using the term Imperial Shorkie or Teacup Shorkie RUN! it is a word they are using a sales pitch. Yes we do get the tiny sized Shorkies but we are very careful about the placement of them and want our puppy parents to know the possibility of health problems associated with the tiny babies

There are many breeders that use these terms just to sale their normal size shorkie puppies.

Honest breeders are honest about sizes and want only the best for their puppy parents and puppies.  This advice applies to all  Toy breeds
7) Question:- Does the  deposit I place on a pup go towards the final cost of that pup and do you have a payment plan?

Answer:- Yes, the final balance due will have your deposit deducted from the total and all our prices include shipping in the US and Canada. We do payment plan, But no puppy is ever able to leave until fully paid for. We have had puppy parents over a one year period send in money towards a puppy and when they have reached the deposit amount and or full amount they get to have first pick of available puppies.  We also take credit cards and  You can make monthly payments to the credit card company. The problem is with credit cards there is a 5% added and most people prefer to spend that extra money on their new puppy.
8) Question-  Are males cheaper than females?

Answer:- NO NEVER EVER EVR!!!   Our shorkie puppies,and all designer puppies are all  equal in value based on gender. .  So each of the breeds prices will be consistent with in their breed and all puppies will be priced the same.  We do on occasion have the very very tiny puppies and their prices are somewhat higher as well as Rare colors are priced higher.
But each price for each puppy is always listed on the site and there are no

HIDDEN COSTS! our prices are all inclusive.

9) Question:- What is the different between getting a male or female pup?

Answer:-The old wives tale that male dogs like human female owners better and females dogs like human males better is not true. Who ever spends the most time with a new pup gets to be the number one human with the pet.
Males and female can be spayed and neuter safely before they go home by our vet

You need to have a female spayed so you reduce her chances of breast cancer and uterine cancer.
10) Question:- Can I change dog foods to something I like to feed when I receive my pup?

Answer:- Yes you can change the food! It is not mandatory for you to feed the food we recommend.. but we highly suggest it .  We found this food after all the recalls that happened and it is the very best food we have ever had. After you watch the video and see all the stuff people don't know is in some of the dog foods we feed.   You will probably want to use it.  I know we did. But if you do not get the dog food... you need to keep all your receipts of the dog food you are feeding so if any thing comes about in the health of your dogs ... we want to make sure it was a good dog food they were on.
The Vitamins are mandatory for the 5 yr health warranty to be effective.  We do not negotiate this what so ever for any reason. We get a report from Nu Vet each month .  Anyone canceling their orders voids their contract for the 5 yr health warranty.
11) Question- What is the different between Shorkie Club Of America Shorkie  or any other Priceless Pups Puppy from other  breeders dogs we see advertised else where on the internet.

Answer:-Well to start with I am very very proud of each and every breeder we work with and have worked with them mostly now for over 9 years. I also am very proud of the Shorkie Breed that I started here in the USA 19 yrs ago

We (including myself) are all guaranteed to be in home breeder and all raise our puppies under foot with the hustle and bustle of everyday life going on around the puppies. None of us sell to pet stores or brokers and each and every one of our babies goes directly from their breeder loving homes to the new family.  I have personally interviewed and had each home inspected by a licensed vet to ensure they are home breeders and MY NAME depends on it.  We always tell you who's puppy it is if it not one of mine and who the breeder is and where the puppy is located if it is not one of my personal babies.

We have always based our business on Honesty, Integrity,  Commitment, And Passion to each and every puppy we produce to the puppy parents we service.

Our puppy parents are such a huge role in the success of Priceless Pups my their constant support and dedication.  Together with my fellow breeders and puppy parents we have made Priceless Pups the #1 website in the world to safely adopt your new fur puppy from. At Priceless pups you are not just adopting a puppy you get a whole family of dogs lovers as well that email one another and love to share stories about their Priceless Pups
12) Question:- Is it true that teacup Shorkies or other teacup breeds usually have more health problems? Would you suggest getting a regular or bigger sized Shorkie instead?

Answer:-Many breeders  like to refer to small shorkie puppies  as “teacups”, “minis” or “micro puppies and or Imperial Shorkies”. There is no “teacup”  or Imperial Shorkie in this breed  of dog and neither is there a specific differentiation between a “teacup” yorkshire terrier or shih tzu  and a toy or regular yorkshire terrier or shih tzu . All yorkie and shih tzu  are toy breeds.

“Teacup” is a fictitious term used to describe puppies that are under a certain normal weight for the Shorkie breed standard or any other breed standard. . For example; many people use the term “teacup” to describe a yorkie or shih tzu  puppy that is under 4 lbs fully grown. The breed standard for  yorkies, as described by the AKC standards, is that the dog must not exceed 7 lbs at maturity fore the Shih tzu it is 16 lbs. However, many breeders would agree that a yorkie or shih tzu that is under 4lbs full grown at an adult age, can have health problems  (hereditary and non hereditary) but that is not always the case. That is why GENETIC TESTING is always done by a reputable breeder on the adults they are breeding no matter what the size.  

Of course, this is not to say that every puppy under 4lbs at maturity will be unhealthy. Of Course not!!! But they should not be produced on purpose!!! Any reputale breeder or any breed says the same thing.   There are sometimes one or two pups in a litter from two healthy parents that just happen to be smaller in size. And thus, just like humans, this creates a little diversity within the same breed of dog. This is where our tiny shorkies come from. We do not breed runts to runts to produce runts!!!

When looking for a small puppy such as a shih tzu  or yorkie or shorkie puppy or any other breed for that matter , it is imperative that you consider health and temperament  as a major factor before considering the size of the puppy. Size may matter to a certain extent depending on your situation and a reputable breeder/handler would be able to give you a close estimate as to the pup’s adult weight based on his/her weight at the time.
13) Question: I dont have a vet and need to know how to find one.

Answer:-Select A Veterinarian Whose Personality You Like
The best way to choose a veterinarian is the same way you would select a friend, a church or a club – pay them a visit.

Call ahead, don’t bring your pet, but tell the staff you would like to drop by and introduce yourself. Yellow pages ads mean nothing – generally the larger the yellow page add, the less individual attention you are likely to get.
For a start, ask some of your pet-loving friends which veterinarians they recommend. If you don’t have enough pet-owning friends or are new to the areas, then call your humane society or a few local kennels and catteries.
As a rule, veterinarians pull their clients from within a five-mile radius. If price is a concern to you, select veterinarians practicing in a blue-collar area. Call up the veterinarian’s office midweek and ask to introduce yourself on the telephone or in person. If you are told that “Dr. Bones is in surgery” ask for him/her to call you back when they can.
As a group, veterinarians tend to be outgoing, sympathetic people who like animals and like to please. But there are a few of us – particularly in specialized, board-certified or academic fields – who have weak inter-personal skills.
However, inter-personal skills have nothing to do with professional skills - these folks can be highly competent in their specialty. A typical compassionate general practice veterinarian will stand within three feet of you, give you considerable eye contact, and address you and your pet by name.
The veterinarian should smile, be upbeat and stroke your pet. During a routine office call, the vet should not act in a hurry or attempt to speed up the exam. If he or she does, you should probably seek a less busy practice.
Lack of some of these attributes can be due to the burnout many veterinarians experience after twenty or thirty years in their profession. After twenty or thirty years of tending to other peoples pet problems, some of us put up protective walls between us and clients.
What Does The Reception Area Look Like?
Condition of the office is also a good clue to your veterinarian’s priorities. Are the rooms clean and free from odor? Are instruments and equipment arranged methodically or laying about helter skelter? While your waiting in the reception room, notice the items on display. Is your vet active in social and community organizations? Is he or she a local science fair judge? Plaques from the Better Business Bureau, the local veterinary association and a notice that payment is due upon examination are not encouraging signs.
What Kind Of Staff Does The Veterinarian (s) Employ?
Veterinarians tend to select staff similar in temperament to themselves. If you do not like the receptionist’s attitude you will probably not like the veterinarian's either. As you enter the establishment, does the receptionist look up at you, smile and ask how she can help you? While you wait, notice her telephone skills and demeanor. Too many auxiliary staff often means that the veterinarian is trying to maximize the number of clients seen in a day. In that case you will find yourself spending very little time in actual conversation with the veterinarian.
14) Question- I'm also interested in purchasing two puppies

Answer:-- Two puppies are sometimes more demanding than one, but it all depends on how they are managed and housed.

I would dissuade anyone with limited knowledge of puppy-rearing to have two, but more experienced owners should be quite able to rear two at once with no detrimental effects to home or puppies. The big difference is the puppies bond with one another more than the human family if you are not careful

They will be company for one another, and a playmate when young is not a bad thing. As long as you have the time to devote to each one separately when the time comes for formal training, all should be well.

 The two may become inseparable if continually housed together, so make sure each one has plenty of quality time spent separately with you as their pack leader.
15) Question- Is your site updated often, if so how would I know what is available?

Answer:- Our web sites are updated ever week with new photos of the ltiters that are posted. If a puppy is adopted you will see this adoption sign

A pups listing will may also say  "Adoption Pending " if we are waiting for a deposit to arrive

16) Question- If I put a  deposit on a pup and have to cancel for any reason, do I get my deposit back?
Or What if something happens and the puppy is not deemed healthy or fit for adoption.

Answer- No, your  deposit is forfeited, We want everyone who is considering a new pup to be 100% sure they can have or really want a new pup before they send a deposit. We are very firm on this rule so that puppy parents are seriously committed prior to adopting a new baby.
If a puppy is ever deemed not fit for adoption for any reason by our vet.  You will receive a letter from my vet and also first choice of any of the other puppies that are available. If there is not a puppy available you will automatically be first pick of next litter. No monies are refunded.

 17) Question: Hw much is Shipping????

Answer:- Shipping is included in our prices.  At Priceless Pups there is no hidden fees.!!!
18) Question- Where are you located?

Answer:- We are located in the Ever green State of Washington .
19) Question- Can I come to your home and visit your puppies

Answer- Yes you can come look at our puppies but we have very strict rules.

We will accept visitors to our home  before any puppies are born, so that you can meet the parents & see our home.

However once we have puppies born, we immediately stop taking visitors.  This is at the advice of our vet Dr Laura Lind who you may call anytime for a reference 253 531 0454 Feel free to call them and ask them about Stefanie .They all know me up there and will be glad to tell you all about me and our babies.

We have a strict requirement of all our new puppy parents to be, we ask that you do not go to see other puppies any where else on the same day before  picking your puppy up to finally go home .No puppies are ever picked up prior to 10 weeks of age. We do not bend this rule for anyone. Do not worry that you will miss out on anything, we update the pictures of your babies every week so you can watch them grow and do a few videos when they are about 7 weeks old. Please understand that our puppies safety and health are our number one concern. When it is time for your baby to go home we will be meeting you at our vets office with your baby. Our vet provides a  full well puppy check for you and we want you to meet our vet!  If you do not have a vet, Dr Laura Lind always accepts new clients that are adopting a puppy from us.

Our puppies lives and protecting them against disease is of the utmost importance to us and it should be to puppy parents looking to adopt a new baby.This is done for the protection of the puppies and for your protection as a new puppy parent. Visitors can track in germs to our property and home  on their clothes and shoes, germs like Parvo, which is a VERY DEADLY virus. The most common way puppies catch Parvo, is from people bringing the germs to them or to the place where they live. Even if you haven't been around other puppies, the germs can still be picked up from contaminated side walks and grass, then tracked in on your person, your clothes, or the soles of your shoes. Parvo can live on the ground for up to 6 years, bleach is the only thing that kills the germs in the environment. You will notice that many other breeders who are also careful will implement this same policy. I'm sure you will appreciate this policy if you are adopting  a puppy from us!

If there is a puppy you are interested in click the button

below and Please fill out our

adoption form and we will get right back to you

Any breeder that freely ahs people coming to look at young puppies is not only asking for trouble it is negligent on their part and they are putting the life of the puppies at risk.

 20) Question- Most of the breeders I have found on the Internet want a money order or Western Union as payment. Is this a safe way to pay for a pup?

Answer:- Western Union is the most widely used funding means for scams and fraud. If a person selling a pup will only take Western Union move on to another breeder , DON"T send cash or Western Union out of the US for a pup,,,,,,ever,,,, Africa??? Please!  In 27 years I have never heard of a person getting a pup by sending a Western Union out of the US to buy that pup.,,,,, You will be ripped off!

Pay Pal is also another rip off forum and you may not get the puppy you pay for with no recourse!!!!!
21) Question:- What are your hours?

Answer:-We are always available to take calls and talk unless we are off doing family stuff and or at our children's sports events.
We are really a big football family ... so football season gets a bit nuts for us.. but we always call you back the same day and make time for you... .

Or check out our refereneces and Past Pups with their family


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We get asked all the times are Shorkies good for children. The answer is Yes! Shorkies are are affectionate, friendly and trusting toward everyone and love children. But it is important parents supervise their children and teach them to be kind and gentle with a new puppy.


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Shorkie puppies have become so popular that they are now showing up in Pet Stores Puppy Mills all over the USA. We get tons of calls from unsuspecting puppy parents that having health issues with the shorkie puppy they got from a puppy mill or pet store.

JUST SAY NO! do your research and find an ethical breeder!!!