No Mutiliation Of Puppies


We do not Microchip or do any Mutilation of our Puppies (Tails and Declaws and Ears)

There is an epidemic of breeders doing this stuff at home. Yes breeders are cutting ears and tails and declaws off at home! If you purchase a puppy with this procedure done!! Prior to your purchase demand a letter from the vet stating he or she did the procedure. If a breeder can not give you this.. they probabaly chopping and cropping at home!!!  I do not agree with an alteration of puppies when it comes to tails ears and declaws. But If it is to be done it should be done by a VET! so please make sure you get a letter from a vet that they have done this. The same goes for Micro chipping. 

Microchips and linked to cancer and cutting any part of a puppy off is mutilation! Dont believe your research and you can make up your own mind.

We do not support or agree with

Mutilation of puppies of any breed! This is a huge argument amongst breeders and it is a topic that  we all just have to agree to disagree. No stand is right or wrong but they are very very different and for good reasons. . But we all have very passionate opinions about it. Every breeder is entitled to his or her belief systems but we do not agree with it for ourselves personally

This is my stand on Tails and Declaws or any unnecessary mutation of any breed.

Some states in the USA have banned this cruel treatment of animals and it is banned in much of Europe. There are petitions nations wide to stop this cruelty

This is a very hot topic amongst breeders. I am a firmly against it as it is NOT IN THE WELFARE of any puppy or dog to be mutilated. Many breeders believe in it. I for one do not!


Ear cropping and tail docking in dogs for cosmetic reasons are not medically indicated nor of benefit to the patient. These procedures cause pain and distress, and, as with all surgical procedures, are accompanied by inherent risks of anesthesia, blood loss, and infection. Therefore, veterinarians should counsel dog owners about these matters before agreeing to perform these surgeries."
--American Veterinary Medical Association, July 9, 1999

Food for thought

As a human, you have the ability to reason, draw conclusions and consider consequences. If you still are unconvinced that these practices are unnecessary and inherently cruel, please ponder this:

To base the quality or "standard" of a particular dog upon his/her appearance pertaining to ears and tail, whether or not that dog "lives up" to the expectations of the canine community, you should ask yourself...How would you feel:
...if, as a man, your hairline or waistband size determined your status?
...if, as a man, the car you drove determined your success?
...if, as a man, the "other guy" was better than you because of his lower bodyfat percentage, bigger biceps or greater bench press?
...if, as a woman, you were forced to adhere to a certain physical measurement (how many women would be forced to get breast implants or liposuction?)?
...if, as a woman, your non-supermodel quailities kept you from being accepted as anything above "substandard"?

Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights recently wrote this:

"We have been actively working to stop ear cropping and tail docking of dogs in the United States. These procedures are medically unnecessary and cause pain and suffering. Additionally, ears and tails serve as part of a dog's behavioral repertoire and therefore should not be surgically altered unless necessary for the dog's health. Numerous other countries prohibit these procedures because they are inherently inhumane. The AVMA recently changed their policy on ear cropping to: "Ear cropping and tail docking in dogs for cosmetic reasons are not medically indicated nor of benefit to the patient. These procedures cause pain and distress, and, as with all surgical procedures, are accompanied by inherent risks of anesthesia, blood loss, and infection. Therefore, veterinarians should counsel dog owners about these matters before agreeing to perform these surgeries." 
Although this is far better than their previous policy, you can see the serious problem with such a statement from an animal welfare perspective. They acknowledge that the surgeries are unnecessary nor of benefit to dogs and that they cause pain and distress, but they continue to support their being done." 
--Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights

What about Shorkies 

Shorkie puppies have their tails! That is the standard that I set forth in the Shorkie Club of America. The reason for that is because I do not believe in mutation of innocent puppies. Declaws are left up to the decision of each breeder in the SCA because it is a common practice. But I think it is barbaric.

Did you know that most breeders do their own tails and dewclaws? That right. The take these puppies at 3 to 5 days old and CUT THEM OFF. No anesthesia of any sort and all they say is they don't remember it. Well If you have ever heard that puppy screaming I cant imagine it is good for the psyche . Not to mention is that not the job of a vet? You should have documentation a vet did the surgery so if there is an issue at the site where the declaw was cut off you can contact the vet. Breeders are not VETS OR SURGEONS  But it is common practice but that does not make it right because everyone is doing . Breeders are performing surgeries on newborn puppies. It is just food for thought. We absolutely do not do dewclaws or tails on Shorkies. That is the way God made them and the way they should be.

Did you know in some countries it is against the law unless a vet deems it medically necessary to have done and it has to be done my a vet. You can also do it when you have your puppy spayed and or neutered by a vet while they are under anesthesia if it is so important to you. But we do not do it and will not do it. I am not a vet and that is not my job.

The real argument about declaws boils down to them being a THUMB on the leg. The fear is they will catch and rip up the leg. That is the only reason DECLAWS are cut off puppies. Well how about this. Lets all teach responsible puppy ownership, KEEP YOU PUPPIES NAILS TRIMMED AND FILED! simple. no surgery required for that. declaws that are trimmed and filed will not catch on anything any more than a regular claw would. My opinion is that it is HUMANS imposing their wants and desires.

Just like tails! If you have ever seen a yorkie with a tail you will never want one with out one. Most dogs that come over from Europe are all natural. But here in the USA we are always nipping and tucking something and even our dogs. It is very sad to me and I disagree with it 100% . None of my dogs have had their declaws removed ever! Unless I bought a dog that way.  I have never had an issue and I have been breeding over 26 yrs now and our dogs live in our home sleep in our beds go under the covers play rip and run.. and I HAVE NEVER had an incident with a declaw.

So that's my opinion folks and Im sticking too it. xoxoxo Steffy

No Microship at Priceless Pups ! If you are choose to do it after you read this please

wait til a minimum of 6 months. Our vets dont microchip young puppies

Did you know microchips can migrate and often cant be found again??? Hmm that does not sound healthy

Micro-chipping is all the rage. Everybody is promoting it from vets to breeders to the media. You would be forgiven for thinking it is the holy grail of animal welfare, the panacea to cure the problems of abandoned and stray animals. What all these bodies fail to tell you about is the risks involved to your beloved pet when you decide to microchip, risks that could very well prove fatal.

Various scientific studies have shown that between 1% and 10% of laboratory animals have developed cancers around the microchip implant. Outside the laboratory there have been documented cases of cats and dogs also developing carcinomas at the implant site. This should not be surprising, as foreign body tumor genesis (the growth of cancer cells due to a foreign object being lodged under the skin of an animal or human) is a well established medical problem.

Please check out the following websites for scientific studies and other cases of microchip implant-induced tumors. Importantly, they also state that there has been no research carried out to prove that these implants are safe. These websites also contain all the latest information on the whole microchip subject:

But cancer is not the only illness induced by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips. There have also been cases of adverse tissue reactions and hemorrhaging due to the chip being implanted erroneously; the glass of the chip can break or the chip can migrate to another part of the body when the dog is playing.

DID YOU KNOW MANY BREEDERS DO IT THEMSELVES. This is a procedure that should be done by a vet that is trained to do a proper implant. Breeders are not trained to do this. A vet to sign a certificate of the date that the vet implanted so if you have an issue you can contact the vet directly. 

So, why do people microchip their dogs in the first place? Simply because the public have been overwhelmed by a barrage of propaganda over a number of years telling them that micro-chipping is safe and the best way to protect your pet if it goes missing. The councils, likewise, have been subjected to the same endless proselytizing on the issue convincing many that it will reduce the stray dog population.

So let’s have a closer look at the reasons given for micro-chipping.

The biggest reason wheeled out was that it would help if your dog was lost, but a collar with an address and phone number does the same thing.

The idea was partly sold to animal sanctuaries because they were told it would help them re-unite the animals with their owners. There is one major flaw in this argument. The vast majority of animals, particularly dogs that end up in a rescue from whatever source  are animals that have been given up by their owners. You can microchip a dog up to its eyeballs but you can’t re-unite it with an owner that doesn’t want it Irresponsible breeders, irresponsible owners and the biggest reasons puppies and dogs end up at the pound.

In the genuine cases where a dog escapes, a collar and tag with owner’s details will be just as good for getting the dog back to its owner. In fact, it would be better as any member of the public can read the details of the tag and contact the owner whereas it takes someone with a scanner to read a microchip. Someone would either have to phone the dog warden and wait until he collected it and got it back to the pound before the owner would be contacted or whoever found the dog would have to get it to their nearest vet or council to have it scanned and not too many people are going to go to that trouble. In addition to this, if the dog has changed hands, the microchip details may not be correct as every time a dog gets a new owner that new owner must pay to have the details updated on the microchip database.

So when all the arguments are dispelled the only reason left would appear to be money. By the microchip manufacturers own admission a profit of between 200% and 400 % can be made per microchip.

Certainly the one thing that does not seem to be taken into account is the dog’s welfare as the dangers are never mentioned to the public.

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