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Tahiri's Story

Please pray for this little angel as she is in a battling against the after math of this unforeseen intruder.

Known as "Bot Fly Larvae"

You must scroll down past Tahiris story to see the videos... one of the videos are graphic in nature and show the bot fly being removed.

Before your read Tahiri's story please do not call us about information on Bot Fly Larvae. I am not a Vet and I cannot give out advice other than to seek Vet advice. This story is to make you "aware" of Bot Fly Larvae and what the symptoms to look for are. If you think your pet may have been invaded by Bot fly larvae please contact your vet immediately.

This is from Chirs and Amber Tahirs Mom and Dad

Tahiri had been home about a month and she started to act sick.

Amber wrote Tahiris story for everyone to read!

I would like to preface this tale with a huge thank for all the priceless pup families for all their support, prayers and well wishes during this difficult journey. I would also like to again say thanks to Steffy for her support through this whole ordeal.

I guess I should start this story about a week and a half before Tahiri got really sick.

One morning we woke up and she was still her perky normal self, but for some reason overnight a huge patch of hair fell out of her chest. To this day I can't say if it was related to the bot fly or not (I have a sneaking suspicion it was), but we took her to the vet and the did a skin scraping testing for mange (which was negative) and prescribed us an antibiotic thinking she probably just had a case of foliculitis. So she was taking her antibiotic and everything seemed fine. We were observing her waiting for the hair to hopefully grow back in and giving her a bath with benzoyl peroxide twice a week. Tahiri had also just lost her first baby tooth, so she was teething during this period of time.

So the first day that we started to notice something was wrong, she was just really lifeless that day. She wouldn't her normal perky puppy self. She just laid around for most of the day and she started to have increase in drooling. So we thought that she was probably just sick but we took her to the vet. She has a slight fever so the vet decided to change her to a strong antibiotic and figured she probably just had a virus. We took her back home and observed her she didn't really perk up and the drooling increased. When our vet called us the next morning to check up on her, she was drooling so much it looked like she had dunked her whole face in her water bowl. Her drooling did not seem to stop all day (but we thought it was maybe related to her teething and losing teeth). By late that night she started to do these circles and was losing her coordination. She was trying to run down the stairs to go outside and she lost her control and bonked her head into the wall. I freaked out and checked over the top of her head I could feel a slight lump there, it felt like a knot in the head of when you hit your head on the wall. She was still perky and we kept our eye on her. We also noticed a slight scab near the knot on this day and spoke to the doctor about it thinking that maybe she had gotten stung by a wasp or some other insect and this was possibly causing all of this. Later that night she started to foam at the mouth that night during her walking in circles (she was having seizures during these moments). I want to take a moment and talk about this. When I first witnessed her having one of these foaming fits, I thought they might be absence seizures. I think it's important that people know there are more kinds of seizures than just the kind where the muscles in your whole body convulse. You can have a seizure where none of the muscles in your body contract and you just sit there. This is was she was experiencing. She was just start to circle and foam at the mouth and not respond to me at all during these moments. It was later the night that she started having these seizures that she lost all recognition of who we were. She wouldn't respond to us or any sound, and she wouldn't even get up to eat or go to the bathroom. She would just potty and lay in it. At this point she quit eating or even getting up to drink. So we started to syringe feed her unflavored pediatlye through out the day and trying to keep her clean.

As soon as Monday morning came we took her into the vet the first thing they opened. It was also this morning that I was checking in on "the knot" on her head when I noticed it was oozing, and found this strange, because she had been so lethargic she wouldn't even move to go to the bathroom, and I hadn't seen her itching the area. At the vet we were going over her blood work from the previous 5 days and explaining all the symptoms she had gone through and how things had progressively gotten worse. I also showed him a video of one of her "foaming" moments trying to see if he thought it was a seizure like I suspected. The vet at this point was very baffled and we were discussing running her blood work again, and possible driving her down to a university vet hospital a few hours away. We were getting ready to do the paperwork and setting up the appointment when I wanted him to look at the oozing on her head before we leave to Ames, and all her symptoms start to click in his head. We started at the spot on her head and every 5-15 seconds you could see little bubbles of air come out of it. She was then taken in and the fly was removed as seen in the video.

Sorry I spelled Larvae in the video. Its BOT FLY LARVAE.

This is Tahiri after she ahs had the Bot Fly Larvae removed. We still do not know the prognosis for Tahiri and are holding her up in daily prayer. As you will see in the video she drags her paw and still goes in circles. We also know that Prayer changes things! So please lift Chris, Am ber and Tahiri up in prayer as they deal with aftermath of this silient intruder called and known as BOT FLY LARVAE

Want to know more about Bot Flies and Bot Fly larvae? Click on the Pet med Link Below in red!

Again please do not call me for advice about Bot Flys or Bot fly larvae as I am am not a vet. We encourage everyone to do their research on this terrible intruder and get informed by talking to your vet. In all my breeding years I personally have never encountered Bot flies or Bot Fly larvae on a dog of ours. But they do exist and Tahiri is a perfect example of why it is so important we share this information and help make people with pets aware.

Update on Tahiri Aug 16th 2011

She is slowly improving... Thank you for your Prayers!!!

Update on Tahiri!!! Sept 22nd 2011

She is such an amazing baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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